APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024



There are numerous reasons why tree plantation is important. One of the main reasons among these is that trees exhale the life-giving oxygen without which the existence of mankind is impossible.

Even when the importance of tree plantation is so evident, there are only a handful of people who actually take it as their responsibility to indulge in this activity. The rest are so engrossed in their lives that they do not understand that without enough trees around we wouldn’t be able to live long. It is time we must recognize the importance of tree plantation and contribute our bit towards the same.

While we must stop deforestation and save trees however with the growing demand for wood, rubber and various products made from trees it can only be restricted to some extent. We cannot avoid it completely. Besides the high demand for goods, the need for urbanization has also increased. Forests are being cut to construct residential areas in the cities to accommodate more and more people here.

That is why, as a part of ECO CLUB- MGMCRI, a massive tree plantation drive was conducted on 24th may 2019, in MGMCRI campus. In this age of deforestation, and on the occasion of world environment day celebration, the eco-club MGMC and the NSS volunteers took their baby steps towards afforestation and conserving nature.

Under the guidance and help of Dr. Partha Nandi, Vice Principal, Students affairs, MGMCRI, we organized the event ‘SBV GREEN’, a tree plantation drive in MGMCRI.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. S.C. PARIJA, VICE CHANCELLOR, SBV, Dr. M. Ravishankar, Dean, MGMCRI wherein he planted a sapling and stepped towards a greener future. Followed by Dr. Partha Nandi, VP, Students affair, who joined his hands for the Green revolution in MGMCRI by planting a sapling, Dr. Karthikeyan, HOD& Professor, ENT Dept. MGMCRI Also joined his hand in the Noble cause with the great support of Mr. Gowri Shankar, Project manager, MGMCRI Students of MGMCRI also planted a few trees. All these trees have been adopted by a few of our students who promised to take care of them, water them, protect them and watch them grow into trees.

It was a small step for us, but a great help for Mother Nature. For it is now time, to work to undo the harm we caused to our earth. D