Student CME on “Management of TB in Special Situations”

Prof. Pajanivel, HOD, Pulmonary medicine invited Prof. Seetesh Ghose as chief guest for the event on Management of TB in Special situations. In the presence of Dean and the faculties of pulmonary medicine, the above VII semester students presented on “Management of TB in special situations”. Each one highlighted the importance of TB management in 6 critical clinical situations, including the COVID-19 pandemic. They quoted the latest TB guidelines and other relevant current documents pertaining to their topic. Other VII semester students, Interns & postgraduates of pulmonary medicine attended the event. Following the event, Dean- MGMCRI, Prof. Seetesh Ghose released the CD containing all the presentations. The presenters were given a certificate of participation endorsed by the HOD, Pulmonary Medicine, Dean- MGMCRI, and Puducherry State TB Officer Dr.S.Govindarajan.