As the ongoing pandemic situation has got everybody on hold it is high time we sprinkle some much needed positivity to keep us going. There is no greater tool than art to rekindle our lost energy. With this motive in mind we have come up with the grandeur event called CYPHER JAM 2K21. In the recent times, we have all missed the fun and entertainment as the new normal has taken over our routine. College life teaches us a lot more than academics. Thus, with Cypher jam we ensure our pals do not miss out the fun way of learning to acquire a healthy competitive spirit. On 26th of May, we collected all the photos of the participants of rays of flash event and forwarded to the judges. On 28th we had a zoom meeting with our honorable dignitaries the Dean, Vice principal (students affair), club coordinators, the judgesand there was an interactive session for the top 10 participants. On 11th of June we conducted the valedictory function for CYPHER JAM 2K21 at 5:30 p.m. Honorable Dean, Vice principal (students affairs), club co-ordinators, judges, faculties of all the departments and students were present. The prize winners for the following events – Dance solo, Dance duo / trio, Singing, Acoustic & Variety show were announced. There were more than 500 participants and we shared all the prize winners’ videos and we congratulated them for their hardwork.

The winners of the event were

Rays of Flash:

Mr. Flash – Mr. Bryan&MsFlash – Ms. Maria,

Mr. Vogue: Mr. Ralf&Ms. Vogue: Ms. Garima

The judges of this event was Dr. Jefry Wilson&Mrs. Renjini George

Dance Solo:

1st prize – Ms. Aswitha. 2ndPrize – Mr. Adhithya&3rdPrize – Ms. Keerthi

Dance Duo & Trio:

1st prize – Ms. Oviya& Ms. Aswitha, 2nd Prize – Ms. Niveditha& Ms. Arshia

&3rd Prize – Mr. Alan & Cameo.

Dance Solo&Dance Duo & Trio were judged by Mrs. Rajeshwari&Ms. Sivamani

Singing Solo:

1st prize – Ms. Keerthana, 2nd Prize – Mr. Bilva& 3rd Prize – Mr. Shuban Das

This event was judged by Mr. Vignesh&Ms. Swetha


1st prize – Ms. Aadhity T & 2nd Prize – Ms. Subasri.S

Acousticwas judged by Dr. Valentina&Dr. Adhiban

Variety Show:

1st prize – Mr. Teja, 2nd Prize – Mr. Harshad& 3rd Prize – Mr. Alan Akash

Variety Showjudges were Dr. Manimekalai&Dr. Mirunalini