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Hypertension Screening Camp at Sembakkam

As a part of World hypertension day celebration 2023, a Hypertension screening camp was organized by the Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) of Department of Community Medicine at Sembakkam village from 22.05.2023 to 31.05.2023. Since the theme of this year World Hypertension Day is “Measure Your Blood Pressure, Control It, Live Longer”, we conducted house to house screening of Hypertension (Measurement of BP using Sphygmomanometer) for community members more than or equal to 20 years of age by Medical interns posted at RHTC. The socio-demographic details of the screened members, house location, previous history of hypertension and other co-morbidities, treatment history were also collected by using Epicollect App by interns. A total of 150 households were surveyed and around 200 members were screened for hypertension and benefitted from the program. Participants identified with high BP were referred to RHTC for further evaluation and management. Along with screening for hypertension, hypertension awareness pamphlets in Tamil, prepared by the interns posted at RHTC were also distributed to households. The interns also explained about causes, signs and symptoms, importance of regular screening, prevention and treatment of hypertension to the screened community members.