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 APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024



Faculty for the Courses

● Dr. T. Sivashanmugam MD., FRCP., DNB., PDCC.,
FUGRA Programme Director, Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology
● Dr. Sripriya DNB., Fellow in UGRA,
Coordinator (FUGRA), Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology
● Dr.  Antony John Charles MD., Fellow in UGRA,
Associate Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology.
● Dr.  Annie Sheeba John MD., Fellow in UGRA,
Associate Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology.
● Dr. V. Jaya MD., DNB., Fellow in UGRA
Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology
● Dr.  Charulatha MD., Fellow in RA.,
Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology
● Dr.  Archana Areti MD.,  Fellow in UGRA,
Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology.
● Dr.  Yasha V Kameshwar MD., Fellow in UGRA
Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology
● Dr.  Prabhavathy MS., Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy

Department Facilities

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute provides anaesthesia services to 15 modular operation theatres, catering to all speciality and super-specialities, as well as 3 emergency theatres for trauma and obstetrics. The department has a dedicated acute pain service which caters to perioperative pain services, acute pain conditions on OPD/IPD basis and also for on arrival pain management for polytrauma in the casualty. There is also a dedicated chronic pain team for all chronic pain and musculoskeletal interventions. The department runs a separate vascular access service for both central and peripheral lines for adults, paediatric and neonates. Ultrasound guidance has become the norm for most procedures done in the operation theatres and pain clinics. This practice allows our University to emerge as one of the leading institutions in research and education in the field of regional anaesthesia.

Available Equipment

To support teaching, training and advanced research in the field of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia, the department has a current state-of-the-art point of care ultrasound equipment (Fujifilm SonoSite X-Porte). SonoSite X-Porte features proprietary beam-forming XDI™ technology, compound imaging capability, and advanced signal analysis algorithms. This provides ample opportunities to faculty and trainees for advanced research in the field of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia.



Educational Support

AORA – FUJIFILM SonoSite Inland Fellowship Program Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute have partnered with Academy of Regional Anesthesia – India (AORA) and Fujifilm SonoSite to offer a Regional Anesthesia Observership Program. In this one-week observership program, the selected medical postgraduates observe and explore the benefits of regional anaesthesia using ultrasound guidance at MGMCRI, SBV University.

Application Process
  1. To start the application process, you are required to mail a letter of Intent, addressed to Prof. Sivashanmugam, stating that you are interested in attending the Observership Program and specify the dates which you intend to attend.
  2. This letter can be emailed to [email protected] and kindly attach your CV.
  3. Once we receive your letter, we will review your proposed dates based on the vacancy and intimate you via email of your acceptance.
  4. Your Letter and accepted dates will be forwarded through the proper channel to the Dean of the institute.
  5. After your arrival to the campus, you will be required to submit the same application to the Medical Superintendent, in person.
  6. Once confirmation process of your observership has been completed you will be required to pay the fees (In cash) in the accounts department, and you will be issued a Temporary ID to attend the program.

Prescribed fees Rs.10,000/- (Ten Thousand Only) for 15 days

NOTE: This process will take one day, so kindly try to come one day prior to your intended date of joining, so as to maximise the time for attendance to the Program.

Observership Policy
  1. The candidate will get the opportunity to observe any and all the RA procedures being attended in the department. They will not be restricted to anyone OT.
  2. Candidates are not privileged to carry out unsupervised procedures on patients, however, will have the opportunity to perform scanning on volunteers.
  3. A specialised academic schedule will be issued on arrival which will cover the major theory areas for the duration of the observership.
  4. Candidates are expected to attend the academic sessions along with the Fellowship candidates and also attend the dissection classes.
  5. There is no exit exam for the observership.
  6. There is also no extension policy for leaves taken during the course.
  7. A certificate will be issued on completion of the duration with a processing fee of Rs100/-.
  8. Accommodation is not included, and the candidates must bear the responsibility of arranging their own accommodation and transport according to their convenience.  The candidate may contact the department for any information regarding accommodation near the institute.

Discontinuation Policy

If for any reason the candidate needs to discontinue the course after initiation, the admission fee will not be refunded and official permission to leave the course must be submitted.