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What is it BASIC course?

BASIC is a short course, usually held over 2 days, which covers essential and fundamental aspects of Intensive Care.

Who is it aimed at?

It is primarily designed as an introduction to Intensive Care for doctors coming to work in the ICU for the first time but has also proved popular with senior ICU nurses, Emergency department doctors and other doctors who have responsibility for severely ill patients.

What is the format?

The course consists of course manual, brief clinically-based lectures, skill stations, e-learning and pre- and post-course tests. The course works on a cascading model with local instructors delivering the content after appropriate training.

What topics are covered?
  • Airway management
  • Acute respiratory failure
  • Mechanical ventilation:
    • Basics
    • Common modes
    • Settings
    • Troubleshooting specific conditions
  • Haemodynamic monitoring
  • Management of shock
  • Severe sepsis
  • Interpretation of arterial blood gases
  • Transport of critically ill patients
  • Severe trauma
  • Neurological emergencies
  • Oliguria & acute renal failure
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Arrhythmias
  • Nutrition
  • Sedation and analgesia
  • Venous thromboembolic disease
  • Stress ulceration
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology
  • Metabolic & electrolyte disturbances
Is the course endorsed?

The course has been endorsed by:

  • Asia-Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine
  • College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia & New Zealand
  • Emirates Critical Care Society
  • European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
  • Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • International Pan-Arab Critical Care Society
  • World Federation of Societies of Intensive & Critical Care Medicine
How much does it cost?

Course material is supplied as printed & electronic format. Course manuals are printed and supplied at cost through the registration fees or available at the department. Registration fees for candidates vary from course to course depending on venue costs and degree of subsidy.

Whom to Contact?

Department of Critical Care Medicine, MGMCRI: Dr. Sameera : 9790018478

Application form: Will be updated on the declaration of registration date.