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 APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


Bapuji Central Library

Rules & Regulations

  1. Enter with ID Card and make entries in the gate register before entering in and leaving
  2. Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the library.
  3. Use of cell phones is prohibited inside the library. Switch off the cell inside the library.
  4. Personal belongings viz bags, handbags, raincoats, jerkins, and overcoats are strictly prohibited inside the library. All personal belongings should be left on the rack out of the library.
  5. No costly items like jewels, credit cards, purse, and money should be kept in the bag, and for the loss, if any the library will not be responsible.
  6. No printed material can be taken inside the library and books once issued cannot be taken again inside the library.
  7. Books will be issued only to the members on the production of library membership cards. The membership card is non-transferred.
  8. If any book borrowed is lost or damaged, the person is responsible.
  9. If the book is lost, in all cases the books to be replaced. If however, the book could not be replaced, the person has to pay double the original cost of the book along with fine
  10. If the book / original library card issued is lost. It should be reported to the librarian immediately in writing.
  11. No underlining or tempering of the pages will be allowed. The borrower is advised to check the book borrowed before leaving the counter and print out the defect if any immediately and no excuse for defect noticed at the time of return will be accepted.
  12. The books are issued for a period of 7 days with a facility for renewal (One time only) For renewal, the book has to be physically presented at the counter.
  13. A fine of Rs.15/- per day per book will be collected for books overdue.
  14. No reader should bring any eatables inside the library.
  15. The books for reading inside the library will be given only on the production of the ID Card. The book has to be returned and the ID card has to be collected back. The book should not be left on the table or given to some other students.
  16. In case of medical books lifting out of the library or without the knowledge of library staff or librarian, the user of the library will have to pay the  penalty amount  5000/- along with  one year suspension from the library and the intimation of the fact may be sent to the office of Deanery, MGMCRI as approved by SBV Library committee. 
  17. Photocopying from big/heavy books is not permitted. Photocopying of the whole book is also not allowed. For photocopying Rs.1/- per page will be charged.
  18. Internet facilities are available for staff and students
  19. No casual dress is allowed inside the library. Users should wear decent dresses and maintain decent and decorum of the library.
  20. In case of the books not returned more than a month of the year irrespective of the user, the intimation of the defaulter, list may be sent to the office of Deanery, MGMCRI for stringent action.
  21. Past Dissertations are available for consultation in the library; forever, they are not for issue.
  22. Minimum Penalty of Rs.100/- will be charged for loss of RFID tags due to ignorance, subject to the return of books in good condition.         


  • The above rules are common and applicable to all Constituent colleges except vary in respect of overdue charges only.

  • MGMCRI/SSSMCRI/IGIDS: Overdue charges Rs.15 per day: Books Allowed 7 days only UG & PG & Staff 14 days only.

  • KGNC/School of Pharmacy/SSSMCON: Overdue charges Rs.5 per day. Books Allowed 7 days only and PG/Staff 14 days only.

  • Renewal for all constituent colleges will be one-time-only Viz 7 days only.

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